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Committees and Councils

The LHBA has several specialized groups that meet at our triannual board meetings.

Click on the section below to read more about that Committee or Council. If you would like information on volunteering for a specific committee, contact your local HBA or the LHBA at (225) 387-2714.


Building Science & Codes

This committee discusses statewide building codes, the introduction and application of new building systems/products into the marketplace, as well as issues related to building systems/products.

CHAIR: Diane Baum

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee develops recommendations for building the framework for LHBA's legislative & governmental affairs strategies, proposes the plan to the Board of Directors, and facilitates the implementation of the Association’s legislative policies. The committee also provides recommendations for supporting/opposing state legislation and local or regional proposed rules and regulations that impact the building & remodeling industry.


Local Presidents Committee

This committee concerns itself with matters of interest to both the Association Members and the Association, and may make recommendations to the Board of Directors as it deems appropriate. The council shall also serve as a forum in which the members can share information about their experiences and challenges.

COMMITTEE CHAIR: Stephen Gauthier

Membership Committee

Serves as a forum where ideas can freely be exchanged to help identify, plan, and develop services & benefits that facilitate membership growth, membership worth and if possible, non-dues income. This committee also identifies new potential members and develops strategies for the recruitment of new LHBA members. The committee promotes involvement in all association programs and activities.


Public Relations Committee

This committee helps formulate public relations strategies, as well as provides guidance and advice on how to best implement the PR strategy and campaigns.


Remodelers Committee

The LHBA Remodelers Committee was established to provide insight and guidance about the industry, as well as promote Best Practices, provide educational opportunities, and provide access to changing policies.



Associates Council

This committee develops programs, events and services to support the goals and needs of the associate members of the association.

COUNCIL CHAIR: Brian Blanchard

Past Presidents Council

The members of the Past Presidents Council serve in an advisory role to the Board of Directors on issues affecting the Association and the industry.


Executive Officers Council

This council is comprised of the executive officers who handle the day-to-day administration of the 10 local associations.

COUNCIL CHAIR: Adrienne Fontenot


Housing Legal Committee

Operating separately from the LHBA but in partnership with our leadership, Housing Legal has the duty and responsibility of monitoring legal issues and actions affecting the housing marketplace. Committee members are involved in recommending if an active role as a plaintiff is warranted in certain circumstances, as well as recommendations to the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors regarding participation and/or funding of litigation.

CHAIR: Kay Gibson

Disaster Relief Fund

This group's goal is to provide disaster relief assistance to home builders in areas declared disasters by the Federal Government or the State of Louisiana to allow them to stay in business and begin to rebuild these areas. They assist communities and citizens located in these Disaster Areas in rebuilding efforts and educate citizens about proper recovery and rebuilding procedures and the prevention of contractor fraud.


This committee is charged with developing and evaluating strategies to work with and support associated political action committees at the state and national level. This includes working with NAHB representatives, as well as interacting directly with state & national lawmakers.

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