Mission Statement

The Louisiana Home Builders Association is comprised of Builders & Associate members which:

  • Represents the homebuilding industry before state & regulatory bodies

  • Serves as the chief advocate of private property rights

  • Educates the general public as to the advantages of utilizing licensed builders

  • Promotes professionalism in the homebuilding industry

  • Promotes economic development & quality of life in Louisiana


Our goal is to provide Louisiana with quality housing that is safe and affordable.



Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

The State of Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors purpose is the protection of the health, safety, and general welfare of all those persons dealing with persons engaged in the contracting vocation, and the affording of such persons of an effective and practical protection against the incompetent, inexperienced, unlawful, and fraudulent acts of contractors with whom they contract. Further, the legislative intent is that the state licensing board for contractors shall monitor construction projects to ensure compliance with the licensure requirements. A description of the requirements the state licensing board must keep in compliance that deal with the residential building industry are listed below. For further information visit www.lslbc.state.la.us

Residential Builder Licensing

A professional residential builder constructing a project over $75,000, must be licensed and must obtain workers’ compensation insurance and general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $100,000. All licenses to practice contracting in Louisiana expire December 31st of the year in which they are issued or renewed. The license becomes invalid on that date unless renewed.

Residential Builders, Home Improvement Contractors and Mold Remediators must be licensed/registered and approved by the Residential Building Contractors Subcommittee of the Louisiana Licensing Board for Contractors.

Registered Home Improvement Contractors

A remodeler or subcontractor providing reconstruction, alteration, renovation, repair, modernization, conversion, improvement, removal, demolition or the construction of an addition to any pre-existing owner occupied building in an amount between $7,500 and $75,000 must be registered as a home improvement contractor. A certificate of registration issued by the state shall bear a number, which shall be valid for one year from the date of its issuance and may be renewed on a yearly basis.

Mold Remediators

A licensed mold remediator must meet the following requirements: successful completion of high school or its equivalent, 18 years of age, 24 hours of training in mold remediation and basic mold assessment, four hours training in unfair trade practices and must obtain workers compensation and general liability insurance in a minimum amount of $50,000. A single licensee cannot perform both mold assessment and mold remediation on the same property and no person can own an interest in both a mold assessment and a remediation business.

Are self-building homeowners unlicensed builders? 


What about warranties?

You have the same warranty responsibilities as a professional builder. The New Home Warranty Act states that a builder is required to provide warranties for a one, two and five year period.

What is the purpose of the law?

The builder licensing law was enacted to protect the consumer. Consumer protection is afforded by the fact that licensed builders must meet certain professional and business requirements set by the state such as workers compensation insurance, general li

So, can I really build my own home?

Yes, you can! According to the law you must occupy the home when it is completed. Also, you cannot apply for another building permit until one year after initial occupancy. However, you are still required to build the home in accordance to the state la

What about realtors?

Realtors, too, should be aware of possible problems that result from selling a home built by an unlicensed builder. Realtors should verify status of the builder before listing or selling a new home.

How does this activity affect lenders?

If construction is stopped, your funds can be in jeopardy. The potential funds could limit the homeowner's ability to close the loan.

How does an unlicensed builder's involvement affect the construction of my home?

Many complications can result form this action, such as the following: Your job can be stopped while the licensing board investigates a possible violation. This could take months. While the construction is stopped, you are still responsible for per die

What if I sell the home when it is completed?

Then you are in violation of the builder's licensing law and can be fined up to 3% of the value of the home.

How do I determine if a builders is licensed?

A licensed builder should have their state license to present to you. You can also contact the state license board or visit their website at www.lslbc.state.la.us to verify your builder\'s information.

If I hire someone to supervise the construction of my home, must they be licensed?

Yes! If the cost of your project is over $75,000, hired supervisors must also be licensed.